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We all use SumDog in Pentland! SumDog helps you learn using a variety of different games. It makes maths more fun. We have our favourite games like; "Junk Pile" where you need to work out a sum and stack an item to create a tower, the bigger your tower, the better your score. We also like "Diner Defense" in this game you have to set up a defence against angry chiwawas to stop them from eating the food on the plates. To stop them you must answer questions correctly. We also love "Street Racer" if you answer questions correctly your car will go faster than the others. We all recommend you practise as much as possible and see if you can get onto the school leaderboard!


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This is a doubling game. It can help you with remembering your doubles. To complete the game you need to swipe up, down, left or right. You can only match numbers together if they are the same. When you get a successful match, your number will double. The communications group rated this game 10/10.


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 This game is based on the TV show countdown. You have to pick 6 cards. Each card will generate either a large or small number. When you have chosen all your cards, the game will give you a number you must make using the cards you have. To make this number you are allowed to add, subtract, multiply and divide. You are only allowed to use each number once. For an extra challenge, try to use all of the numbers if you can.

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Mathionaire is a game that will test your maths skills and knowledge. There are a lot of different skills that you will need to use. You need a good understanding of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. To play the game you answer questions to earn money in the game. You will have 4 choices for each answer. If you get a question correct, your next question will be for more money. You will also have 3 lifelines to help you out. You have 50/50 which removes 2 wrong answers for you, you can use phone a friend who will give an answer for you. The answer they provide is not always right however, so be careful. The last lifeline is ask the audience which gives you a percentage for each answer. Usually the highest percentage is correct, but not always. We think this game is tricky and for P6 or P7+.