Children and families in Nepal have been badly affected by 2 earthquakes.  We wanted to do something to help.  We raised £600 to help UNICEF and Mercy Corps provide essential emergency relief to the children and families. 


Thank you to everyone, your donations are making an important difference.

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food drive1

We have a Fairtrade tuck shop every Friday at playtime.  There will be a variety of foods such as pineapple pots, Geo Bars, orange juice drinks and Fair Break wafers.  Prices start at 35p.

Buy a snack to help a farmer!

 food drive2

From the Pupil Council Web Reporters

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The Eco Committee would like to say a huge thank you to all those who joined us on Saturday 25th April to prepare the ground and sow the woodland wildflower seed.  The morning was a huge success with lots of families working together to help us improve the school grounds.  We really look forward to seeing the flowers grow and investigate the wildlife choosing to make their home in our grounds.


We have more work to do and can't wait to get stuck in!  Look out for more updates on the webpage.eco6

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The Eco Committee have been very busy planting summer flowering bulbs in our woodland.  We really hope that bees and butterflies will visit. 


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Cloakroom chart

IMG 1230

The pupil council is monitoring how tidy Pentland is keeping their cloakrooms. Once a week, two pupils from pupil council are walking around the school to see which classes deserve a key as a reward for a tidy cloakroom. At the end of the term, the class with the most keys will win a prize. So far, the classes are doing very well and we can see an improvement since we started.


IMG 1240 2

In the pupil council, we have been learning about Fairtrade. When you buy Fairtrade products, the farmers and people who help make the products get paid a fair amount of the price you paid. It is important to buy Fairtrade products because a lot of the times, this is not happening. We have been collecting packaging of Fairtrade products and put up a display to promote and raise awareness of them. We also did a survey to find out how many people were aware of Fairtrade. We were happy to find out that many people knew about Fairtrade already.

Before the holidays, we set up a stall to sell Fairtrade products. We were planning on selling them for the full school week but it turned out we sold out on the fourth day. Because it was such a success, we have done another survey to ask the school whether they want the stall once a week. The results were very positive and we might be back during break again soon.

See you there, the web reporters from the pupil council!

eco 1

The Eco Team have made bird feeders from old plastic bottles and twigs.  Every week the team re-fill the bird feeders using birdseed that has been donated from the local commnunity.

 eco 2

We really hope that the birds enjoy this and visit our school grounds more often.

eco 3

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ppc 1

The Pupil Council are encouraging Pentland pupils to keep the cloakrooms neat and tidy.  Every week members from the Pupil Council and the Janitor will check each cloakroom.  All the classes with a tidy cloakrooms will be awarded a special key.  Let's see how many keys your class earn!

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