What is the Rights Respecting Schools Award?

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Our RRSA achievements:

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Rights Respecting School (2018 - 2019) At Pentland Primary, we have formed a partnership with UNICEF UK to promote a child rightbased approach to education. The UNICEF UK Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) is based on the principles of equality, dignity, respect, non-discrimination and participation.

The intended impact of RRSA on our school community is:

  • an increase of levels of respect within our school and community
  • a developed sense of security as rights-respecting language and behaviour is used consistently throughout the school
  • a deepened understanding and respect for religions, cultures and abilities different to our own
  • a deepened understanding of the connections between us and people around the world.

We have an enthusiastic group of staff and pupils who form the Rights Respecting Group. This group meet regularly to plan and deliver dedicated assemblies and activities that promote children’s rights from the Convention. The group is continually monitoring how well we are doing and creating ways to inspire others to learn about children’s rights through our curriculum. At Pentland, we have received our Level 1 Accreditation from UNICEF RRSA and are on our way to achieving Level 2. Embarking on a rights-based education is a really exciting opportunity for all at Pentland and we look forward to involving you on our journey. Take a look at the Rights Respecting Schools website below for more information:

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