Welcome to Pentland Primary School

Pentland ears logoAt Pentland we aim to create an ethos where every learner is:

* fully Engaged with their learning 

* confidently Aspirational in their outlook

* honestly Reflective about their efforts, progress and achievements

* appropriately Supported in their endeavours, and Supportive of others.

 Mrs Jacqueline Mackenzie, Headteacher. 

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Pupils Making a Sustainable Difference at Pentland
Our woodland development project began over a year ago with the inspired vision of our then Eco-Team; a team who wanted to enhance our grounds by creating a woodland garden for wildlife and children to enjoy.  The ideas from children and adults in school were gathered, drawings created and with financial support from the PPC new soil, seed and bulbs were purchased.  On a few rainy Saturday mornings a team of Pentland families and school staff began the hard task of digging, weeding, sowing and bulb planting.  The transformation had begun!

Now, with the skills of Glendale Services the next part of the collaborative project can be achieved.  Our dedicated Garden Group have shared the inspired plans with the landscapers, negotiated the layout of certain desirable features such as the bird feeding area and log seats and presented this next phase of the woodland project to each class.

Take a look at these photos to see how pupil voice and participation at Pentland can bring about real change:

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